About Me

The author suffered severe lower back and leg pain from 2003 to 2008 due to a herniated L5-S1 disc. During that period, the author explored various options to relieve the pain, including physical therapy, traction, anti-inflammatory pills, epidural steroid injection, etc. At one point, the author seriously considered to perform surgery to take away the offending L5-S1 disc using fusion. However, after researching on the internet and consulting several spine specialists in China, the author decided to try on the Chinese methods of curing the back pain caused by disc herniation. After over half a year's treatment, the author fully recovered from the pain.

This website is set up to memorize the miserable six years of the author's life. It is also used to describe a treatment plan that has worked for the author. This website is, however, not to advocate the treatment plan. Every one's condition is unique. The author advices the patients who are suffering from the back pain due to disc herniation to consult several doctors before deciding on a treatment plan.